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The Beet of My Heart

According to magical author Scott Cunningham, “Folk magic states that if a man and a woman eat from the same beet, they’ll fall in love with each other.”* Beets are said to have been the favorite food of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. Beets, like love, deposit their pinkish hue on everything they touch. But while beets stain the fingertips, love stains the soul. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to enjoy this magical love-inducing vegetable on Valentine’s Day.

To make a love beet:

Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Scrub the beet under water and slice off the leaves and base

Quarter the beet into four equal parts

Lay the beet on a piece of aluminum foil cut large enough to cover


Coat the quartered beet with approx two tablespoons of olive oil

Sprinkle the beet with one pinch each of basil, rosemary, thyme, pepper, & salt

Wrap beet completely in the foil

Bake the beet in the oven for approx 45 minutes to 1 hour, until fork tender


Each person should eat half (2 pieces) of the beet, preferably fed to them by the hand of their beloved. Can be enjoyed with a glass of champagne, for maximum effect.



*Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Wicca in the Kitchen, by Scott Cunningham

To read more about this sensuous vegetable, I recommend Tom Robbins’ ode to the beet, Jitterbug Perfume.


Ginger, Lemon & Honey Love Elixir

Here is a simple yet effective aphrodisiac recipe designed to arouse and delight the body and the spirit.

Ginger ignites fire in the body and creates passionate feelings. It also assists with sexual stamina and energy. Lemon represents happiness and purity of affection. Along with ginger, lemon generates feelings of intimacy. Lemon also banishes negativity, allowing love to permeate the relationship. Honey promotes sexual impulses and adds sweetness to the union. A touch of honey placed on the tongue allows the lover to speak words of romantic devotion. All three ingredients together create a love tonic that is simple but undeniably effective.

To make the elixir for you and your love, grate two teaspoons of fresh ginger. Divide the ginger into two cups. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into each cup. Add a teaspoon of honey to both cups. Fill the cups with boiling water and stir thoroughly while saying, “Love and passion to me and mine” three times. Share the elixir together while thinking lustful thoughts, and then do what comes naturally…

2012: The Year of the Dragon

“The real dragon is in you.” –Joseph Campbell

The Year of the Dragon is considered both auspicious and lucky in Chinese culture. In Chinese astrology and mythology, the dragon is a powerful symbol of authority and nobility. As the only mythical creature amongst the animals of this zodiac, the dragon represents the magical energy necessary to manifest miracles and achieve spiritual and physical goals.

Under the watchful eye of the dragon, 2012 has the opportunity to be a transformative year, not just for those born under this sign, but for everyone. The dragon breathes fire, scorching the past so that a new future can be created. Harness the dragon’s energy to birth your ideas from the realm of thought into the realm of physical reality. To fly with the dragon means to cast aside restrictive fears and self-imposed limitations in order make great strides.

In medieval folklore, dragons were greedy beasts living in caves, hoarding gold and jewels which, of course, being dragons they couldn’t even use. Let us learn from the dragon and ask ourselves, are there physical or spiritual riches within us that we are holding tightly to our chests? Are we hoarding riches that should be released into the world? Are we accumulating for a purpose or are we stockpiling needlessly?

2012 is the year of the Water Dragon, which signals us to pay special attention to the watery currents of the unconscious, particularly our dreams. Specific messages, hunches, and insights may be delivered to us through our dreaming mind. It is also a good time to make pilgrimages to waterfalls, oceans, and rivers in order to gain spiritual insight and clarity.

The power of the dragon is truly inside us and waiting to be used. May we make the most of the energy provided to us by this mythical beast in the coming year.

Healing with White Sage

The earth has given us a powerful healer in the form of White Sage, Salvia apiana. Just a small amount of White Sage (one leaf for example) can give profound healing results. I learned of this sacred medicine from the always informative Root Simple blog. Chumash medicine woman and healer Cecilia Garcia asserts that White Sage is so sacred and so effective that only one leaf should be used at a time. Cecilia recommends placing a single leaf of White Sage inside your water bottle (or gallon jug) which can then be used for drinking or cooking.

I placed one leaf in a water bottle that was stored in the refrigerator for one week. Each morning I had the equivalent of a shotglass full of the sage water prior to ingesting anything else. The calming effect of this small quantity was noticeable very quickly. Within one hour of drinking, I felt a physical and spiritual peace that helped me prepare mentally for the day ahead. I didn’t feel sleepy, but instead felt calm and focused. As an added bonus, the sage leaf gave the water a pleasant taste.

According to Cecelia, a tea can also be made from White Sage, although she recommends that it only be consumed in the evening and never more than one cup. I have not tried the tea yet, but was impressed with the water bottle method. Of course, caution should always be used concerning plant medicine and each body is different, so what works for me may not work for you. My experience with White Sage was incredibly positive and I’m looking forward to exploring its medicine in the future.

Cecilia Garcia, Chumash medicine woman

Root Simple’s post on White Sage

Pantry Beauty: Olive Oil

Your pantry is a convenient place to find inexpensive and effective beauty products. Olive oil, for example, is one of nature’s wild gifts readily available in almost every kitchen cabinet. For centuries resourceful seekers of health and beauty have used olive oil to nourish their skin and hair.

Olive oil works miracles as a facial cleanser and, as a bonus, can eliminate the need for moisturizer. I use olive oil in the shower every morning to cleanse and moisturize my face and then I use it again in the evening to remove make-up and the day’s residue.

Simply rub a quarter teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil in the palm of your hand and spread gently over your face and neck. Go about the rest of your bath or shower routine and then remove the oil with your fingertips when you are finished bathing. You will feel a thin sheen of the oil on your skin which may free you from needing to moisturize.

If you are searching an affordable and effective exfoliator, try adding a quarter teaspoon of baking soda to your quarter teaspoon of olive oil, mix them together in your palm, and rub on your face and neck. Rinse away as you normally would.

Other beauty uses for olive oil include hair conditioning and treatment, shaving lubricant, and cuticle softener. For the intrepid adventurer, there is seemingly no limit to the possibilities offered by this generous oil.

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