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Ace of Pentacles


Chuy drew the Ace of Pentacles.

Tarot cards by The Wild Unknown


Autumn poem

October, by Louise Driscoll

When my hills stand ablaze with gold and red,

And I can hear the harsh-voiced leader cry

As wild geese, like a necklace on the sky,

Are seem for a brief moment overhead,

Then I remember what my lover said.

No bird of Spring, however joyously

Singing arpeggios on a lilac tree,

Can speak to me so plainly of the dead.

October, bringing gaudy mysteries,

With smell of burning leaves and dripping sound

As frost freed nuts come dropping to the ground,

With late, red apples glowing on the trees

Like lanterns at some feast of memories,

The spell of death and silence has unbound.


Project Nichos

I have a new art project I’m really excited about. I ordered a box of nichos in various sizes from Mexico. Nichos are usually made of metal (often tin) or wood. They are little shrines or devotionals, made to honor family members, saints, or other religious figures. They are made in only one city in Mexico: San Miguel de Allende.

Ever since we moved into our house two years ago, I’ve been planning to make a family photo wall. I am looking forward to using the nichos to house images of my grandparents and other family members and pay homage to their memories.

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