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The Beet of My Heart

According to magical author Scott Cunningham, “Folk magic states that if a man and a woman eat from the same beet, they’ll fall in love with each other.”* Beets are said to have been the favorite food of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. Beets, like love, deposit their pinkish hue on everything they touch. But while beets stain the fingertips, love stains the soul. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to enjoy this magical love-inducing vegetable on Valentine’s Day.

To make a love beet:

Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Scrub the beet under water and slice off the leaves and base

Quarter the beet into four equal parts

Lay the beet on a piece of aluminum foil cut large enough to cover


Coat the quartered beet with approx two tablespoons of olive oil

Sprinkle the beet with one pinch each of basil, rosemary, thyme, pepper, & salt

Wrap beet completely in the foil

Bake the beet in the oven for approx 45 minutes to 1 hour, until fork tender


Each person should eat half (2 pieces) of the beet, preferably fed to them by the hand of their beloved. Can be enjoyed with a glass of champagne, for maximum effect.



*Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Wicca in the Kitchen, by Scott Cunningham

To read more about this sensuous vegetable, I recommend Tom Robbins’ ode to the beet, Jitterbug Perfume.


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