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Ginger, Lemon & Honey Love Elixir

Here is a simple yet effective aphrodisiac recipe designed to arouse and delight the body and the spirit.

Ginger ignites fire in the body and creates passionate feelings. It also assists with sexual stamina and energy. Lemon represents happiness and purity of affection. Along with ginger, lemon generates feelings of intimacy. Lemon also banishes negativity, allowing love to permeate the relationship. Honey promotes sexual impulses and adds sweetness to the union. A touch of honey placed on the tongue allows the lover to speak words of romantic devotion. All three ingredients together create a love tonic that is simple but undeniably effective.

To make the elixir for you and your love, grate two teaspoons of fresh ginger. Divide the ginger into two cups. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into each cup. Add a teaspoon of honey to both cups. Fill the cups with boiling water and stir thoroughly while saying, “Love and passion to me and mine” three times. Share the elixir together while thinking lustful thoughts, and then do what comes naturally…


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