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Healing with White Sage

The earth has given us a powerful healer in the form of White Sage, Salvia apiana. Just a small amount of White Sage (one leaf for example) can give profound healing results. I learned of this sacred medicine from the always informative Root Simple blog. Chumash medicine woman and healer Cecilia Garcia asserts that White Sage is so sacred and so effective that only one leaf should be used at a time. Cecilia recommends placing a single leaf of White Sage inside your water bottle (or gallon jug) which can then be used for drinking or cooking.

I placed one leaf in a water bottle that was stored in the refrigerator for one week. Each morning I had the equivalent of a shotglass full of the sage water prior to ingesting anything else. The calming effect of this small quantity was noticeable very quickly. Within one hour of drinking, I felt a physical and spiritual peace that helped me prepare mentally for the day ahead. I didn’t feel sleepy, but instead felt calm and focused. As an added bonus, the sage leaf gave the water a pleasant taste.

According to Cecelia, a tea can also be made from White Sage, although she recommends that it only be consumed in the evening and never more than one cup. I have not tried the tea yet, but was impressed with the water bottle method. Of course, caution should always be used concerning plant medicine and each body is different, so what works for me may not work for you. My experience with White Sage was incredibly positive and I’m looking forward to exploring its medicine in the future.

Cecilia Garcia, Chumash medicine woman

Root Simple’s post on White Sage


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