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“whoa, that’s gross”

…was the thought going through my head after ingesting a truly terrible tasting plant this morning. I’ve only just started learning about wild plants and my sampling range is limited, however that was the first plant I’ve tried that was just awful. I thought it was chickweed and hastily grabbed a few tops and threw them in my mouth. That was a big mistake. I should’ve taken the time to get down low to the plant and really check it out before eating it. It may have been some form of inedible wild mint, but I’m not sure. It was a good reminder to be careful and sensible, even when I think I’ve correctly identified a particular plant. The incredibly bad astringent taste stayed in my mouth and throat for 45 minutes.

Another bummer was they mowed the big patch of land I’ve been roaming lately. Tons of nettles, mustards, and lupine are now all gone. The burned-yellow plants along the pathways also make me think someone came and sprayed pesticide in the last week or two. Not surprising, just sad. I saw a big truck rumbling down the main street the other day with a man in the back spraying down all the weeds growing in the center median. It’s probably something they do every Spring.

Might be time to find myself a more rural spot to spend time in & learn from for a few months. I’ve been bringing home wild weed seeds and throwing them out in the garden so maybe by next year at this time, I won’t have to travel too far. I’ll become what Kiva Rose calls a “weed wife” and visit with my little friends in my own backyard.


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