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The Lazy Gardener Strikes Again




I won’t bore you with the details of why I’ve been so lazy in the garden lately. Let’s blame it on having a baby, the holidays, my mom came to visit, any number of excuses really. In any case, I’ve turned the management of the garden over to the gods or the fates or the ghost of Masanobu Fukuoka for the time being. The rain has taken over watering duties, and I figure with that at least in place, everything else will continue to work itself out. Funny things happen when I forget about things I’ve planted though. Sometimes my lazy ways are rewarded. This time the reward was the sight of notoriously hard to grow heads of Romanesco Broccoli peeking their swirly bumpy little heads out from under the plant’s big green leaves. Full confession: I really had no hope for these guys. The check-out guy at the nursery told me he had tried to grow these same broccoli three times and had failed each time to yield any heads. Full full confession: after buying them from the nursery I set the plants in the corner by the herbs are forgot about them. Like, really forgot about them. Full, full, full confession: these broccoli are still in their flats. I never even planted them.
I may be lazy, but I’m also smart enough to leave well enough alone. I won’t be disrupting whatever magic is working for these broccoli. They’ll stay in their flats exactly where they are. I’m just going to be thankful and pleased…and maybe search my cookbooks for a recipe that will compliment these surprise vegetables.


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  1. Looks like a golden conch shell. Too cool.


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