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Make Your Own Medicated Shower Steam

Cold and flu season has us by the throat, doesn’t it? A few people I know really have it bad: several weeks of illness so intense they can barely get out of bed. I’ve had a touch of it too, but thankfully it’s been manageable, especially with a few tricks up my sleeve. My new weapon is a medicated shower steam. You don’t need to buy those little dissolving tablets at the drug store because you can easily make this yourself.

Place two tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl.

On top of the baking soda, add 5 drops of eucalyptus essential oil.

(Variations: you can also add two drops of lavendar essential oil for relaxation or two drops of either lemongrass or sweet orange essential oil for rejuvenation.)

Take your little mound of baking soda and dump it in the bathtub on the far end, away from the shower head. Take a hot shower and as the spray lightly hits the baking soda mound, the eucalyptus scent will be released and the medicated steam will help relax and clear your breathing. Keep breathing in the steam deeply while you shower as usual.

I’ve been doing this morning and evening and it’s helped keep my breathing passages clear and my spirits up.


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  1. Thanks for the tip. I will give it a try. I found a health shop here in Venice today, didn’t have time to go in, but tomorrow is another day.


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