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This Week in the Garden

I think I mentioned before how poorly the grape output was this year. Especially compared to the bounty we got last year. I was talking over this year’s poor production with a gardener who suggested we prune back the vines for winter. In the two years we’ve lived here, we’ve never once cut them back. The grape vines were here when we moved into the house, which may be the reason I’ve never given them much thought. I suppose I pay more attention to the plants I’ve babied throughout their growth over the ones that were already here. In any case, we followed the gardener’s advice and cut back the vines this week. They had climbed high into the tree of the neighbor who lives behind us. By the time we finished yanking them out of the tree, there was a huge pile of pruned grape vines on the lawn…but no grapes. Maybe next year.

The cucumbers are still going strong. There are a bunch of little West Indian Gherkins peaking out from under the leaves. You really have to hunt around for them, but they’re there. A bell pepper plant popped up out of nowhere, which was a welcome surprise. The Sagittarius Gourd has finally hit its stride. It only produced that one tiny gourd months ago and then nothing since. But I see one gourd coming along and a few more who seem to have been pollinated. I sort of gave up on the hand pollination, for now anyway. They seem to be doing just fine without me. I guess sometimes you just have to get out of the way and let the garden do what it’s going to do.


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