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Brighten the Corners

Office life can get so boring, don’t you think? Sitting under weird lights all day, no fresh air, even your personality starts to feel stale. Lately I’ve really felt the need to make my desk  and work area feel more vibrant. I needed to bring some of the outside “in.” My lunch trek to Trader Joe’s had the perfect solution: gorgeous warty gourds in fall colors. I splurged and bought three. Such a little change, almost nothing really, but you should see the difference it’s made! Not just for me, but for all the people who walk by my desk throughout the day. So many coworkers have stopped to comment, ask what these colorful orbs are, or pick them up for examination. They are a fun oddity, a conversation piece, a little something to brighten the corners of my work life.


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  1. Very important to have a cheerful work space since that’s where you are physically for so much of the day. Also if you can give the co-workers a boost, then all the better.


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