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Hunting Mushrooms in the City

Well, not really hunting so much as happening upon. I took a walk at a new park today and looked up at a tree to see a huge mushroom growing on the side of its trunk. It was really impressive, not something I see every day. I don’t know anything about mushrooms so I didn’t touch this particular one, but I did take some photos.

After a quick google search, I think it may be a sulfur or chicken mushroom, but my knowledge in this area is lacking. Maybe someone with an understanding of fungi can tell me what it is.  I’d be interested to know if it’s edible or not.


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    I think you’re right! Though, I also think those particular fungi may be past their prime. I’ve never considered their edibility, nor have given much thought to urban foraging, out of shear ignorance. Please share the results of your culinary curiosities!

  2. Yeah, I left these guys alone since I couldn’t properly identify them. My urban foraging is so far limited to dandelion greens and wild fennel…and the odd lemon I pick up from my neighbor’s lawn. But I’m slowly learning more and will post as I go.


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