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Vintage book art

I love vintage science fiction book artwork. Truthfully, I’m more a fan of the artwork than I am of the genre. The free table at my local library often has some good titles up for grabs, so sometimes I’ll take one or two that catch my eye. I brought home this copy of Shadow Hawk by Andre Norton because the book synopsis is awesome:

 “He was lord of the Striking Hawk Nome, but for generations that holding had been in the firm grip of the invaders. And so he was merely Rahotep, officer of the renowned Nubian archers, unjustly deprived of his birthright by his scheming half-brother and exiled in the desert for a sacrilege he didn’t commit.

 But his bow was strong, his arrows swift-and his thirst for justice in the Pharoah’s land knew no bounds…and offered no mercy!”

front cover

back cover

Turns out author Andre Norton was actually a woman, real name was Alice Mary Norton. She wrote under a pen name in order to be taken more seriously in the male-dominated world of science fiction. Norton toiled for years in the public library system before leaving to write full time. During her seventy year career she wrote under several male non-de-plumes and published over 300 (!) books. She won many science fiction awards and even had an award named after her, given to authors of fantasy/science fiction for young adults.

(Shadow Hawk was published in 1960 by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc.)


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