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Cooking & Gardening in War time

I love researching how people cook and grow food during War time. How do you ensure your (and your family’s) survival when food is rationed (or unavailable) and necessities are scarce? There is a growing homesteading movement in this country, more and more people are learning how to grow their own food and provide for their own needs, but during war time these activities are necessary to ensure that people survive the lean times.

The University of Wisconsin has an online digital collection called Recipe for Victory: Food and Cooking in Wartime that focuses on cookbooks, gardening, and nutrition information published between 1917 and 1919. The collection features publications on meatless recipes, cooking for the sick and wounded, preserving, canning, and drying, and starting a backyard garden.

If you know of any good links to information on Victory Gardens or cookbooks from World War I and II, please feel free to pass them on to me.


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