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Homemade hot sauce instructions

My husband loves spicy food and is somewhat of a hot sauce connoisseur. Since the chilis in our garden have been so prolofic this year, I thought it might be nice for me to try making him a homemade hot sauce. I used this recipe from Bon Appetit as my jumping off point.  

My first step was to round up a good handful of peppers from the garden. I used a combination of habanero, serrano, and one large pepper taken from a mystery plant that we’ve had for years. 

After the peppers were chopped and deseeded, I pulsed them in the food processor with a tablespoon of salt.

After pulsing, the resulting mixture was put into a mason jar with the lid loosly screwed on. I left it on the table for a day to ferment.

The next day I filled the jar with white vinegar and loosly screwed the lid on again. I left this mixture to ferment for another five days. Twice I tightened the lid so I could give the jar a good shake. The rest of the time I just left it alone on the countertop to do its thing.

When the five days were up, I put the contents of the jar in the food processor and blended it all together for a minute or so. Then I placed a sieve over the jar so it would collect the chili chunks.

After the straining was complete, the jar was about three quarters full with chili juice and vinegar.

The Bon Appetit recipe instructs you to place the liquid in a hot sauce bottle, but I didn’t have one, so I just left it in the mason jar and refrigerated. The hot sauce does seem to separate a bit between uses, so give it a good shake each time. Husband’s verdict is that the sauce is tasty, but not especially spicy. Next time I’ll leave the chili seeds in since that’s where the kick comes from. Not bad for a first time though and worth repeating.


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