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Green Garden Sauce

This is a super versatile “sauce” I invented the other day while trying to find a use for the beet greens in my produce box from Whittier Backyard Farms. I had enough ingredients to make a big batch and the leftovers have been making their way into several different dishes. This sauce is so flexible, and the recipe so loose, that the variations are endless. Green Garden Sauce is the perfect thing to make when you open the fridge and realize the celery needs to be used before it goes bad, your neighbor gives you a big bag of basil, or you find that the price of a particular ingredient at the grocery store is too good to pass up. The sauce goes well paired with a starch like potatoes, rice, or pasta. You could even put a little on top of a fried egg or use it as a sandwich spread. Here are the ingredients I made my sauce with, which I would recommend as a building block towards making good use of whatever you happen to have on hand.

I pulsed beet greens, two garlic scapes (you could substitute a garlic clove instead), a handful of basil, some fresh chives, two tablespoons of olive oil, and a pinch of salt in the food processor. Then I put it in a tupperware and let it chill in the fridge for a bit. So far this week the Green Garden sauce has found its way into potato salad (to which I also added mayonnaise and mustard), pasta with parmesan cheese, and a turkey sandwich. (Sorry, no picture of the turkey sandwich…I wolfed it down before I remembered to take a photo.) The sauce should keep for several days, provided you keep it refrigerated.


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