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Gourd pollination

Inside of the female flower

Well, folks, I got down to the frisky business with our Sagittarius gourd. I had to wait a few days for the female flower to grow large enough to open. Once the flower is open, there is a small window of time for pollination to occur. I chose a healthy looking male flower (there were three or four males on the plant that were open at the same time) and carefully peeled back the petals to reveal the stamen. Then I gently tapped the pollen from the male so that it would fall into the female. I couldn’t really tell if any pollen had come out, so I cautiously rubbed the stamen into the open female flower.

It must have worked because this morning the gourd was visibly larger. The immature gourd was fuzzy and solid green but now it’s the size of a small egg and shows some stripe development. I am really hoping it continues to grow, as I have visions of homemade music shakers dancing in my head.


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